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Holistic Family Health Education


Are you preparing to conceive a child, are pregnant, are already parenting, or are a primary caregiver?

 If yes, then you may be feeling excited, grateful and full of joy.  You also may be feeling anxious, tired and depressed. 


 Parenting is unique and dynamic across the lifespan, thus self-care, stress reduction, and other health promoting techniques are necessary for one's health during this span of years.


 Working to co-create a Family Health Plan with our Holistic Family Health Educator, you will be able to look at and address ways to improve your family's health and wellbeing. 


Our earliest education begins with our earliest caregivers.  From these caregivers we learn about the world, how to stay safe, and how to survive; a tricky undertaking in a world that is rife with violence, toxins, disease and misunderstanding.


 Then, some years later, we pass on what we have learned to the next generation.  While we hope to pass down our best traights to our children: patience, compassion, empathy, intelligence, gratitude, and creativity,  often we find that children masterfully hit all of our buttons and test our last thread of patience.  We then wonder why it is, even despite our best intentions, that we continue to trip up on our stress, fear, doubt, impatience, frustration, anger, anxiousness and exhaustion, and act in ways that we cannot tolerate?


Because we only know what we know.  Each one of us is working with what we know.  Our life-tools are those thoughts, behaviors, skills, attitudes, beliefs and survival strategies that we learned from our families of origin. What then, when our best attempts at setting a good example fail, and we continue to fall short of our goals and desires, and back into outdated patterns?


Time to Update Your Life-Tool-Box



With the appropriate tools to replace and upgrade the outdated tools, that which does not serve the optimal well being of a person can be healed and released. This Holistic Family Health service is here to support you as you update your tool box in order to actualize the optimal health you seek for you and your family.  In creating a Family Health Plan, we will work with you to explore the questions you have and the answers you seek.

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About Holistic Family Health Education:


 Holistic Famliy Health Education encompasses a range of systems and practices that, together, address and facilitate the creation of optimal health and vitality for the Whole Being, including:


Stress Reduction


Nutrition and Food

Optimal Development





Effective Communication

Effective Parenting Tools

Minimization of Toxic Environmental Effects


Each person, relationship, family and community will have different needs and tools.  In many cases stress, persistent-unwelcome-behaviors, unhealthy relationships,  illnesses, depression, and traumas are major debilitating factors for individuals and families.  Since every situation is unique, often a variety of approaches will be required to facilitate optimal health and balance.  The purpose for Holistic Family Health Education is for each person to become their own personal-health-advocate, both by self-inquiry (raising awareness of current choices, thoughts and behaviors), and aquisition of knowledge (becoming informed about health and development issues and choosing the healing modalities that are best suited to provide solutions). 

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  Holistic Family Health Education = Creative Tools for  Answering Fundamental Life Questions 


Stress Reduction:  How am I supposed to model healthy coping skills for my children when I have so much to juggle, and sometimes am barely holding myself together by a thread?  I don't have time for relaxing, what can I do that is quick and easy?  I barely even make time for showers and food, why should I prioritize stress reduction? 


 Aware Parenting:

What do you want to teach your children?  Are you satisfied with the behaviors and patterns that you model for your children to emmulate?  What are the personal values that you want your children to internalize?  Which aspects of your childhood do you want to pass on, and which do you want to change?



 Why do I behave the way I behave?  Why do I keep making the same mistakes?  What aspects of my life are serving me and which are tripping me up?  What do I need to know or change about myself in order to create the life of my dreams and intentions?  What would I change if I had the option to change?


 Nutrition and Food

 Is the diet I am consuming contributing to health and regeneration or discomfort and degeneration?  Is my food alive or heavily processed and void of living matter?  Am I happy with my relationship to food?  What would I change if I had the option to change?


Effective Communication 

How do I communicate with others?  How do others communicate with me?  Do I often, or rarely feel understood?  Are my words loving words or attacking words?  Do the communications I have contribute or take away from my well-being? 



What is the optimal birth scenario in this day, evolutionary or high tech?  How have our ancestors birthed through the millenia?  How do I set the stage for the birth experience I long for?  Will me and my baby be able to "room-in"?  What about when things don't go to plan?  What can be done about birth trauma?  If I had a rough birth, am I doomed? 


Bonding and Early Life Decisions

How do I give my baby a solid early foundation to grow on?  What style of bonding do I/we want for this baby?  If the baby is a boy, will we circumcize him?  What about vaccinations, will we do none or some or all of the recommended?  Are we going to co-sleep, or be in the same room, or put the baby in a separate room? 


Effective Parenting Tools
What am I supposed to do when my child won't listen to me and is throwing a tantrum?  How do I incorporate my values into my parenting?  What is the best way to give my children healthy food that they'll enjoy?  What can I do to keep from loosing my temper when my baby cries non-stop for days?






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