Whole by Design provides an educational service for individuals, couples and families who want to create more balance and health in their lives. Clients will co-create goals and measures of accountability with support from a Holistic Family Health Educator.



Other holistic services include natural Henna body art, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and professional childcare.




Samyalisa Anne Enright, M.A.



Samyalisa is a Holistic Family Health Educator, Henna artist, Biodynamic Energy Worker, and an experienced childcare professional.  Sami is passionate about holistic health practices, ways of preventing stress and trauma, and practical tools to promote early optimal development.  Her curriculum, Introduction to Holistic Family Health, is an experiential curriculum based on holistic philosophy.  The curriculum is an educational frameword designed to build up the holistic health tool kit with practical skills and knowledge, such as: self-care, stress reducing excercises, effective communication, self-study, choices for pregnancy, birth and bonding, ideas to cleanse lifestyle & personal environment of toxins, and more.



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